Bendigo Joss House Temple


At the heritage-listed Bendigo Joss House Temple you can discover more about the Chinese migrants who came to Bendigo in search of gold so long ago.

The Bendigo Joss House Temple, a Chinese place of worship, was opened in 1871. Standing for over a century, the Bendigo Joss House Temple is one of the few remaining buildings of its type in Australia. It comprises a Caretaker’s Residence, Temple and Ancestral Hall.

The main temple is dedicated to Guan-Di, the god of war and prosperity. The Chinese saw Guan-Di as a wise judge, guide, protector and provider of wealth and prosperity.

Constructed with locally hand-made bricks and painted red – symbolising the traditional Chinese colour denoting happiness, strength and vitality – the Bendigo Joss House Temple is an important part of Bendigo’s cultural history.

The Bendigo Joss House Temple is open Wednesday – Sunday, from 10:30am – 3:00pm, with last entry accepted at 2:30pm. Closed Monday-Tuesday. The temple is conveniently located at the Northern terminus of Bendigo’s iconic Vintage Talking Tram Tour.