Bakehouse Distillery


“A botanical spirit of Tasmanian provenance highlighting our Islands Gondwana rainforest heritage”, is how distiller Martin Wohlgemuth describes the unique sip he produces.
A 90min drive south from Hobart will take you to a remote place, where the Southern Ocean and the Southwest Wilderness dominate the environs. Here these forests have evoked the human senses over time, with the sassafras tree becoming an important source of human health and wellbeing.
More recently this botanical was used to bitter the first ales made by the newly arrived colonialists. Then sixty years ago, the use of this plant for human consumption was banned due to health concerns. “We spent years experimenting with sassafras, and eventually satisfied ourselves that the reasons behind this ban did not apply to our artisan product.
Using an ancient design copper Alquitar still, we vapour distil the leaves of the sassafras tree. The water we use in our distilling is spring water, sourced from the wild and regarded as highly beneficial to human health.”
Evoke, . Consumed neat or on ice reflecting a true sense of place, or otherwise mixed to personal taste.
Indulge and enjoy.