100 Mile Foodie


100 Mile Foodie is a unique cooking school located on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula focusing on local, sustainable and ethically farmed food and wine all sourced from the Mornington Peninsula and South Gippsland.

You are spoilt for choice on the Mornington Peninsula with a food bowl that spans from the top right to the bottom, including farm-fresh organic vegetables, fruit, nuts, local beef, pork, lamb and seafood.

The Mornington Peninsula is also rich in amazing cheese sourcing cows milk from nearby Gippsland or local goats milk which produces amazing cheese and many other goats milk products.

Olive oil, olives and even locally grown wheat are all used in these cooking school so the food miles are minimal and that makes freshness and quality first class.

Your visit to 100 Mile Foodie for a Sunday long lunch, a cooking class or a guided farmgate tour will all be unique as no other hospitality business focuses on showcasing as wider variety of locally sourced produce as 100 Mile Foodie does.

You are welcomed to 100 Mile Foodie Cooking School, Sunday long lunch, events and farmgate guided tours and the team look forward to introducing you to some amazing local produce.