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Walex Porta Pak Toilet Holding Tank Deodorizer Chemical – Fresh Scent or Lavender


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Walex Porta Pak Express Fresh Scent or Lavender Breeze 

Porta-Pak Express deodorizer sachets utilise the Walex Wave2 odour control technology to deliver unsurpassed long-term odour prevention for all caravan, boat and recirculating toilet applications. Plus Porta-Pak Express provides the ease of use and convenience of a pre-packaged portion control system. The commercial strength water soluble sachet disperses quickly into water and will not clog pipes, pumps or valves. Continued use of Porta-Pak Express will keep your toilet odour free and hassle free. No need for messy liquids or chalky tablets.



Easy to use
Suitable for all cassette toilets, holding tanks & portable toilets
100% biodegradable
Easy to handle
Pre-packaged portion control no spills
Unbeatable odour prevention
Tablets dissolve rapidly
Breaks down waste and paper
Cleans the holding tank and sensors
Available in Fresh Scent or Lavender scent



15 Water Soluble Sachets
One sachet treats waste in holding tanks from 10 to 25 litres.
Ideal for RVs boats and camping

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Lavender, Fresh Scent