Threlfall Walking Track


When it’s time to embrace the great outdoors, Threlfall walking track in Gara Gorge in the northern section of Oxley Wild Rivers National Park, is the breath of fresh air you crave. This medium length track traces the gorge ridge and combines an historic walk with jaw-dropping views.

Gara Gorge follows the route of the historic 1894 hydro-electric scheme, along old embankments and through ancient cuttings of granite. At Gara Gorge lookout high above Gara River, with a backdrop of majestic blackbutt and spotted gums, gaze across the rugged New England wilderness.

There’s great birdwatching along this easy walk, so keep an eye out for rosellas, lyrebirds, and king parrots. You might even strike it lucky and see a koala having a snack in a gum tree. Ready for lunch? head back to either Threlfall picnic area or nearby Blue Hole picnic area.