Focal Point Darkroom and Gallery


Focal Point Darkroom and Gallery is the new go-to place in Geelong to create and celebrate photography.

As galleries are currently banned under current COVID19 restrictions, they have made some changes to the way we operate, in an effort to service Geelong photographers.

They have extended their retail space and now have more on offer. If you require film, black-and-white paper or chemistry, or darkroom equipment, for those essential isolation film photography projects, or you just want to grab a good photography book to enjoy during your lockdown and stop yourself going ga-ga, then pop into the shop on Saturdays, from 10am to 5pm.

They are also opening the darkroom if you have an important project to do. However, because of social distancing requirements, despite the size of their darkroom they are limited to one person or household (ie family or couple) at a time. This is because they can’t guarantee the minimum 1.5m safe distance with the entrance or while working at the darkroom sink.

If you would like to use the darkroom on any day, please phone ahead on the number provided for bookings. Normal membership requirements and hire rates apply.