Cobargo Open Garden Farm Tour


Surround yourself in the unique garden and farm setting at Cobargo Open Garden Farm.

Your senses will come alive as you stroll amongst the roses, the orchids, and their natives, watch the birds and bees actually working together.

Enjoy the exotic orchard, laden heavy with fruits of the season.

Their vast market garden will entice the vegetable lovers to create a delicious masterpiece at the wok.

Be captivated in the sub tropical area, large natural rock formation, surrounded with water loving plants, ferns and exotic fruits.

Tantalise the taste buds, with their splendid array of bush tucker foods, learn from their ancestors.

Animals, pigs, chooks, sheep and cattle help to keep the grass cut, and play a large part in keeping them fed.

Come join them, and take a lasting memory away. At Cobargo Farm, they will be ready for you to visit.