Boonoo Boonoo Falls picnic area


If Boonoo Boonoo National Park were a house, then Boonoo Boonoo Falls picnic area would be its living room. Not only is it an ideal place for a picnic or barbecue breakfast, lunch or dinner, but most other park attractions can be accessed from here.

So meet up with friends, family, your birdwatching group or hiking crew and make the most of this great spot. From the picnic area, it’s only a short easy bushwalk along Boonoo Boonoo Falls walking track to the lookout. Here, you can gaze across the gorge to the awesome sight of Boonoo Boonoo River falling 210 metres down the side of the granite cliff face. Further on are swimming holes, the beginning of River track and access to other hiking trails.

Look out for wallabies and kangaroos around the picnic area, especially at either end of the day. Bring along your binoculars for a spot of birdwatching; woodland birds are often seen grazing in the overhead canopy.