Allan Grammar


Penriths fancy new wine bar is the place to meet friends. Delicious food, boutique wines and a great atmosphere.

Allan Grammar is located in a quiet laneway off bustling High St in Penrith’s CBD. It might be tucked away off the main street but you definitely know when you’ve arrived; the grand entrance way, complete with potted trees flanking the large door, is the first sign that you’re in for something special.

Allan Grammar is a tribute to Sophia’s fond memories of being home schooled growing up on Allan Street in Mulgoa, and at the same time a subtle dig at those who said she’d never succeed because of it.

The interior, which includes crisp white walls set against intimate table settles with mint green velvet chair coverings, is the perfect combination of old-world charm and fresh modern décor.

The bar is undoubtedly the centrepiece of the space showcasing the large range of boutique wines on offer along with ales and ciders. The menu is a mix of small plates and larger share plates plus a range of cheese plates and desserts.

The focus of the bar is on the wine. Allan Grammar showcases one wine producer each month.